Who we are

Founded and nurtured by technical the entrepreneurs, Trivand has grown 5 fold since its inception and has an ever growing client lists of over 200 clients. During its 13 years of operation, Trivand has successfully transitioned and adopted the Agile Development process and is one of the pioneering practitioners of this methodology in the Indian software industry.

With an enthusiastic and energetic team of professionals ready to learn and master new technologies and processes, Trivand continues to provide successful software solutions to businesses across the world.

Client Focus

  • Listen to and understand our clients objectives
  • Treat the client with dignity and respect
  • Make them feel part of the team Deliver effective solutions meet / exceed the goals, thus grow and sustain client value
  • Client satisfaction


  • Embrace and challenge the status quo
  • Continue break new ground and seek innovative ways to do business
  • Take calculated risks to meet business goals


  • Honor commitments
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Conduct business with the highest ethical standards
  • Act in accordance with our core values