Key People

Meet the Key People of Trivand

Trivand was established in 2006. The company has come a long way, while always adapting to the ever changing world of IT, since its beginning.

R S Jayamohan COO

I am one of the co-founder directors of Trivand. My focus is on the operations, delivery management and production support and services in Trivand. I am relocating to our offshore development centre to focus more on to the quality of the deliverables we produce and to ensure we follow the best industry processes and practices to meet customer deadlines.

I have over 20 years of working experience across various domains (UBS Investment Bank, TESCO, Accenture Consulting etc).

Baiju Mohamed CEO

I am one of the co-founder directors of Trivand My focus is on the organizational direction, vision and strategy along with shaping up a great customer focused culture in Trivand. I am responsible for hitting our business targets and maintaining client relationships.

I have over 15 years of technical/consultancy experience across top tier financial clients in London (UBS Investment Bank, Lehman Brother, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC & Morgan Stanley).

Bhagavan Das CTO

I own the technology, innovations , R&D and product development in Trivand. I ensure that we use scalable, robust and proven cutting edge technolgies to meet/exceed our customers' expectations.

I have over 10 years of experience working for big financial organisations in London as the lead technology architect.