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We are a nimble software company that provides robust, time to market solutions to our customers using agile methodologies. We provide a comprehensive set of IT services to our customers which allows them to better concentrate on their business and increase revenues. Our flexible and agile workforce can support your business by adapting to your changing needs and delivering solutions that enables you to get ahead of the competition. Over the past 5 years we have delivered projects of varying complexities to our clients across the world and have become preferred IT services supplier for many of them.

Our System Development life Cycle

We have been incorporating principles of Agile Development into our development process.

Testing and Integration
Key Differentiators

Vendor / Technology Neutral

We are not a product company. Our focus is on building solutions and providing services across those solutions

Global Deployment Capabilities

In this model, our experienced consultants do the analysis, system study and requirement gathering working with our clients.

Strategic Alliances

Trivand has built up a number of strategic alliances with other software and marketing companies, notably in the eCommerce arena.

Flexible Pricing Models

We offer our clients flexible and transparent pricing options which help them reducing their upfront cost and convert that into an operational expenditure.

Bespoke Software

"Trivand is a highly qualified and experienced software house, specialising in Windows and web based bespoke applications"

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